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Emmanuel S. Wignall, (Manny Wignall), is the Founder and CEO of Vitrio Technology

He is an experienced LEGO® Robotics Instructor, and a former LEGO® competitive team member and coach. 


Manny has been teaching, leading, and inspiring kids in STEM since 2014 when he began teaching Homeschool kids LEGO® Robotics as a home-based

summer program.


Since that time, Manny's work with kids, in LEGO® Robotics and STEM education has evolved to working with elementary, middle and high school students.

  • A volunteer mentor with the Fern Bank Science Center Links Dekalb County Robotics mentoring program.

  • Lead teacher and facilitator for the Links Robotics Team 2015 Fern Bank Science Center Summer Robotics Camp

  • LEGO® Robotics Team Coach

  • A privately contracted LEGO® Robotics Camp Instructor

  • In-school and After-school STEM Instructor.

In the fall of 2018, Manny officially launched Vitrio Technology, a STEM Education Company, with the goal of expanding STEM-related programs and LEGO® Robotics training to kids 6yrs and older, in the US and abroad.


In addition to the standard LEGO® Robotics teaching platforms, Vitrio Technology training


curriculum has expanded to include I Design (Video Game Design), 3D Animation, The ART


of STEM and In-School and "After School STEM " programs.


3D Printing and AI technology will also be incorporated in future curriculums.

Educated as a Homeschool student, Manny is a  former competitive Jr. Golfer with Atlanta Jr. Golf, a Kumon student and a graduate of Konos, (homeschool), Academy. He is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.






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