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Inspire a Child

The  "Inspire a Child"  initiative is designed to support and encourage STEM Education, (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics),  in children 7yrs - 16yrs old by providing financial support for them to participate in our programs.


There are many children in our community and globally who would love to attend a STEM Camp. or other STEM programs.  Unfortunately, their families do not have the resources to fund their interest. The "Inspire a Child" initiative allows more children the opportunity to attend one of our STEM Camps at low or no cost to the family.  Vitrio Technology is pleased to partner with Diaspora Global Foundation, ( 501 c 3 certified), in supporting STEM Education Globally.  Our 2022 goal is to work with children in 3 African nations in addition to our programs here in the US.


Help us reach, teach, and inspire them.  Every seed of support creates an impact for their future.


If you would like to "Inspire a Child", please visit the Foundation website to give, or note your donation amount on your child's registration application, or contact us for additional payment options.


             We welcome any seed of donation.  All donations will be equally matched.

                                    Thank you for helping us "Inspire a Child"



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